Tuesday, 25 March 2014

MIT Piping Pune, part of MIT Skills Provides Advance Piping Design & Engineering Programs

MIT Piping Pune, a part of MIT Skills group provides advance piping design and engineering programs and is also well-known for their various education programs all over India. The teaching methods practiced in MIT Skills are focussed mainly on student skill development. In order to create a healthy environment, the learning methodologies are specifically designed in such a manner. Instead, they practise special trial programs to improvise interest in students to put their theoretical knowledge into practical application.

Furthermore, they are providing courses for advance PG diploma in piping design to keep the students updated with the new and upcoming education levels; and in order to meet the goals, they put stress on current trends in the particular industry demands.
They are able to hold the intelligence in the piping design industry in India. They even have strong industry partnership with major global players like Siemens, 3DPLM, PRAJ, AMDOCS, Intel, Cisco, and many more.

MIT Pune and their groups have also made agreements with foreign universities for joint courses & certifications. With this, they ensure a solution for the crisis of the availability of the educated but unemployable workforce.They believe in imparting high-end technical training at post-graduate levels. These training programs shall be in close co-ordination with industries and also with the best universities from the developed countries.

Since two decades, the roots of MIT Skills have been established and aim to enhance skill development that is the strongest arms of the group. MIT Skills’ vision is to help serve the increasing need for skilled workforce in industries across all the sectors. In order to spread knowledge and convince intellectual thinking among students, the teachers also receive periodic trainings for better results.


  1. If you want to do engineering and you can’t get into the IITs or the NITs, MIT is one of your better options around, but don't let your expectations run too high.

  2. MIT skills is a top engineering college. Good campus, Teachers and students. It is certainly one of the Top Technical Institutes in the country. Moreover, academic syllabus, study council etc. as per Pune University. Pune University is in Top 5 Univerties in India and also finds a rank in Top Universities in India alongwith few IIT's, Delhi Univ, Mumbai Univ and Univ of Calcutta.